Create New Memories with Gelato from Nino D’Aversa Bakery

gelateria-topTreat your family to a classic Italian dessert. Nino D’Aversa Bakery specializes in fine gelato, prepared traditionally with an irresistibly smooth consistency.

Looking for something special? Real gelato has less fat than traditional ice cream, and a slow churning method creates a dense texture. There’s less air and more dairy, and this allows for an intense burst of flavor from the first taste – think of it as ice cream’s even more delicious big brother.

We offer a variety of flavour combinations for every palette, and our gelato mixing methods have remained largely unchanged since our first bakery opened in 1969. When you visit Nino D’Aversa, you can enjoy the rich legacy of true Italian tradition.

Our staff can help you find your favourite flavours, and we offer plenty of ways to customize your meal. Pair your gelato with coffee from our espresso bar or add a pastry. Whatever you choose, you’ll taste the difference; we pride ourselves on our high-quality ingredients and attention to detail, and you’ll love sharing the experience with family and friends.

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