Explore Dozens of Fine Italian Breads with Nino D’Aversa Bakery

panetteria-topA better bread makes a better meal. At Nino D’Aversa Bakery, we’ve focused on quality since opening our first location, and our panetteria certainly isn’t an exception.

To create the GTA’s finest breads, we start with classic recipes from Italy, then use fresh ingredients to capture the perfect texture and flavour. Spices, sugars and oils are added with extreme care – we understand the importance of balance, and consistency is an essential part of our process.

Our highly experienced bakers optimize each recipe before offering it for sale, taking appropriate steps to maintain our strict standards. We use various baking techniques and fermentation times for different types of bread, but quality is always our highest priority. This also applies to the breads we sell at our commercial partners’ establishments; Nino D’Aversa’s panetteria products are light, delicious and always fresh.

Taste The Tradition Today

Visit us today and see the difference for yourself. We also offer a selection of dessert pastries for an after-meal treat, and our full espresso bar gives you the focus you need for your morning commute.
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